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A Library That’s Only a Square Foot Serves a Whole Community

DENTON – Many people drive down Palmer Dr. every day, but only some know about the Little Free Library.

It looks like a mailbox, but instead of mail, it holds books for people of all ages and for all interests.

Wisconsin resident Todd Bol started the Little Free Library movement 7 years ago to honor his mom who was a schoolteacher that loved reading. Bol built a little wooden box, filled it with books, and placed it on his front lawn.

Now there are over 40,000 of these little libraries around the world.

One of them is right here in Denton at 2315 Palmer Dr.

No library cards are required and readers don’t have to worry about being hushed by a librarian.

The only rule is that readers can take a book, as long as they return a book.

Each library has a steward who is in charge of maintaining the library.

Palmer Drive’s library steward Monique Gulyas said that the library has been beneficial for the community.

“It promotes literacy,” Gulyas said. “It promotes reading for communities that may not have easy access to a public library.”

Gulyas has two bookshelves full of donated books in her house that she uses to keep the library stocked.

She checks on the library several times a week to make sure there is always something for everyone to read.

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