Asian American Millennials React to Election Results

DENTON – Donald Trump is the president-elect and that has some Asian Americans feeling discouraged about their future in America.

Some Asian American millennials were shocked that Trump is America’s choice. Some believe he is bad news for the Asian American community as well as other minority groups.

University of North Texas student Thuy Tran is heavily involved in politics. She has voted in every general and primary election since she turned 18 years old.

“The next four years of Trump’s rhetoric, it’s probably going to be full of hatred,” Tran said. “If anything, we’re going to have a lot more regrets in our decision.”

UNT student Jordyn Nguyen went to bed on election night not knowing the results. She said that when Trump won Florida, she couldn’t bare to watch the election any longer. She was shocked by the results the next morning.

“I found out that most of the people here are racist, and sexist, and all that,” Nguyen said. “I was just kind of disappointed in the nation as a whole.”

Jose Santos, who is Filipino, says he has seen first-hand how Trump’s rhetoric has made the nation more wary of minorities. The Transportation Security Administration stopped him when he came back to the United States from a trip to the Philippines.

“When I came back from the Philippines after summer, they had to check my passport twice,” Santos said. “My parents went through, but my name, I guess, they thought I was an illegal or something.”

Although some UNT students are upset about the election results, others like Bryan Yoon have accepted the results as a part of the democratic process.

“I don’t think he can really achieve what he said he would achieve,” Yoon said. “There are so many presidents that say things but could never reach it. There has to be other people involved, such as Congress.”

Since Trump has been announced as the next president, many college students have organized protests across the nation.

These protest are meant to show Trump doesn’t represent the entire U.S. population.

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