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Dogs get a Taste of Oktoberfest

DENTON – Events celebrating Oktoberfest are currently going on each weekend across North Texas area.

Men’s best friend enjoyed their own version of the German festival this weekend at Barktoberfest in Denton.

The Denton Humane Society hosts this annual event. It has something for everyone, even your furry family friends.

A costume contest, weenie eating contest, a paw reader, and a rescue parade were a few of the fun events the Denton Humane Society had planned.

Alexandria Rodriguez brought her dog Bailey to Barktoberfest and says they both had a great time. She explains why she and Bailey went to the event.

“Just to give my dog some exposure and support the local animal shelters and things like that,” Rodriguez said. “My favorite part is letting my dog meet other dogs and have her just hang out and have fun.”

Barktoberfest is a big event, but it is only a small part of what the Denton Humane Society does for the community.

They meet all their financial needs entirely through donations and fundraising. They’re also run entirely by volunteers.

They provide low cost spay and neuter, emergency assistance with veterinary bills, a food bank for pets, and they rescue and foster cats and dogs in their own homes until the pets get adopted.

Denton Humane Society President Lisa Wighaman said they rescue animals from everywhere.

“We pull from the shelters of death row a lot of times,” Wighaman said. “We take pretty much the worst of the worst, do the medical surgeries, do the medications, get them well, and get them into wonderful homes.”

Wighaman is currently fostering five cats up for adoption.

“They were so helpless,” Wighaman said. “Three of the five were from different groups, so they’re not from the same litter but one was found on a porch during a storm, one was found in a ditch. I have one that’s a fire ant baby that was covered in fire and bites. We’re not afraid to take the ones that are ill or take the ones that nobody else wants because we fix them up and they’re awesome.”

To see a list of the pets available for adoption, visit or

The Denton Humane Society is also partners with Kroger’s Community Rewards program. You’ll earn rewards for the Denton Humane Society every time you shop – at no cost to you.

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